About Me
Hi! My name is PikaDude (Pikachu Dude). I'm a developer and a gamer. I mostly work with C#, but from time to time, I decide to try my hand with JavaScript and on rare occasions Java. I'm okay when it comes to markup such as HTML5, but I'm not the best designer (as you can probably tell). If I'm not coding, I'm either busy or unleashing my inner gamer. I live in Australia, Sydney if you want to be a little bit more detailed. I code in my spare time mostly, I've made a wide variety of projects from bots for Discord, to websites, to even screensavers! You can check them all out below.


  • PikaGirl - Discord Bot

    PikaGirl is a bot for Discord. It has a wide variety of features from slapping friends to gambling. Originally known as "PikaBot01", it know goes by the name of PikaGirl.
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  • Donald Trump - Discord Bot

    Another bot for Discord. Originally made as a joke, but it somehow made it past 100 servers without me realising, so I guess thats a thing. It says real quotes from Donald Trump... thats about it.
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  • Phoenix Wright - Discord Bot

    Guess what? Another bot for Discord. My friend wouldn't stop playing the new Ace Attorney game, so I decided to make a bot for some reason. Generate your own objections just like in the Ace Attorney games.
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  • Snail Speed - Website

    Just like everything else, this was made as a joke. It's still work in progress, but for now, you can watch a snail on its dumb quest across the world on its website.
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  • The Airhorn - Website

    A JavaScript and HTML experiment. Click an airhorn to play airhorn noises.
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  • Live ScreenSaver - ScreenSaver/Program

    A work in progress screensaver that displays webcams from around the world!
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  • Wumpus Clicker Online - Website

    A website where you can click a wumpus live with other players from around the world!
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