Yo, hi, my name is PikaDude and here is my low effort attempt of a website that I am trying to make in less than 5 minutes. Due to my lack of effort I have not been able to update my past site or bother to make it better in over a year. So this will have to do until I can be bothered to make a proper website (plus this is easier to update). I have made a wide variety of projects over the years and while a lot of them have not survived the test of time, some of them still stand tall to this day. Every project is more or less me experimenting with something new, so once the experiment has been complete, I basically cannot find the motivation to further develop/finish the project. The main project that is still running to this day and does not show any signs of stopping is my Discord Bot PikaGirl, who at the time of writing this is in over 15,000 servers, none of which are bot collection servers, which is actually really good in comparison to some other bots. You can find PikaGirl's website here. Believe it or not that website actually had a lot of effort put into it in comparison to some of my other works and as of the time I am writing this, it's source code has been stolen and claimed as someone else's twice, which says something. A website rewrite is in the works as well, but is unreleased and it is still in it's planning stage. At the time of writing this, my Discord username and Discrim is PikaDude#0001. I have no idea what else to write here. Uh, thanks for coming by I guess.